Color blindness is a difficulty in distinguishing colors, especially red or green, although it can also be blue.


In the retina, there is a type of cell, whose function is to differentiate the three basic colors: the red, the green and the blue.


It may be that the receiver is missing a color or that it is not sensitive enough. The result is that the color blind person can easily distinguish a tone or even, he may not perceive it at all.


This alteration is much more common in men. 6% of men and 0.4% of women have difficulties in green and 1% of men and 0.01% of women, with the red color.


To compensate for this problem, the Enchroma filters separate each color in a purer tone so that the person can differentiate each color.


The results are surprising in 80% of the cases. The lenses can be graduated in both distant and progressive vision. There are special lenses for interiors